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Beijing Food Tour

Our food tasting and cultural tours combine delicious food and drink tastings with some serious fun in Beijing’s most delicious, off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, you’ll experience delectable foods from one-of-a-kind specialty food stores and ethnic eateries while receiving an insiders view into the culture, history and architecture.Walk away with new culinary perspectives, big smiles, satisfied taste buds and the confidence to continue exploring the areas where locals live.

Explore the off-the-beaten-path hutong neighborhoods,getting acquainted with a neighborhood and gaining insights through a filling and entertaining food walk experience.This is an unique experience,you will explore the hutong and neighbohoods not touristy and the hutong family you are going to visit and dinning with only take the tours from Discover Beijing Tours!

 BJ-94(We only take one booking each day,please book food tour in advance)

Our Guide will meet you in your hotel's lobby at you prefered time (usually the start time is between 10am-3am)

Your will either taxi or use our car to the local market to have an inside look of our fresh vegetable and fruits

Then  walking though the Hutong to try the Malatang(spicy,if you don't like spicy food,then we will pass here just to have a look)

The term 
málà is a combination of two Chinese characters: "numbing" () and "spicy (hot)" (), referring to the feeling in the mouth after eating the sauce
Some hot pot stalls offer self service cooking while others (like this take-away Ma La Tang cart in China) was cooked up by the vendor herself.Food including a selection of processed meats that included fish balls and hot dog like sausages.a few different varieties of mushrooms, a few kinds of tofu and a number of tuber type root vegetables,green leafy vegetables including bok choy, spinach, cabbage, leeks and lettuce.

Continue to the Famous local restaurant which offer the Shan Xi Cuisine.You have the chance to try their famous:Liangpizi and Ruojiamo

Liangpizi :Liangpizi is a popular snack in the Northwest, served with a kind of special sauce that is sour and spicy and popular with local people, especially females. It is made by shaving rice noodles into a bowl, then pouring in a special sauce of chillis, soy sauce, crushed peanuts, green onions and other seasoning. Each person can add their own special seasoning to taste, for a quick, delicious snack in a variety of flavors: spicy, tart, or nutty. It is served all year round since the ingredients have no seasonal limits.

Next is the famous Beijing drink--Yogurt  ----Lao Beijing Suan Na

Like many newcomers in Beijing, the odds are you have seen this but not known what it was. What may at first glance appear as a grey and congealed paste in a see through jar is in fact yogurty paradise contained in a ceramic pot ready to quench your thirst for health-fortified sustenance

 Xiaolongbao” is a traditional and common snack in south China. It’s using the best materials and making meticulously. “Xiaolongbao” consists of a ball of minced pork (sometimes with an added dollop of crab or crab roe), wrapped in a pleated flour dough skin, which is then steamed. 

Continue walk through the hutong,while walking,our guide will give you a detailed explaination about the hutong and courtyard 
Arrive the hutong family,then meet the family and having the famous Beijing Noodle with the family in the traditional courtyard home,

Walking along the Hutong to explore this non-touristy allay

Your tour will end with a trying of the famous Beijing Snack--Tanghulu(Winter only)

Tanghulu, also called bingtanghulu, is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. It is commonly available in many Chinese cities, such as Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai, and other Chinese cities. It consists of candied fruits on bamboo skewers that are approximately 20cm long. This snack can be found widely along the Beijing snack street Wangfujing and also there are street vendors who travel from place to place selling it. Tanghulu typically has a hardened sugar coating that comes from dipping the skewer in sugar syrup, but versions can also be found with a second chocolate coating, or sesame sprinkles. Traditionally, the fruit used has been Chinese hawthorn (山楂 shānzhā), but in recent times vendors have also used various other fruits, such as cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, kiwifruit, bananas, or grapes

The whole food tour have a lot more,other food in our tours both regular food and crazy food for adventures!

Plum Juice and Yellow Wine

Lamp kebabs

Fried egg dumplings

100-year-old egg

Duck's Neck 

Fried sausage (corn flour)

Ox stomach

Herb wine

Pigs intstine

Donkey 's penis

Donkey's kidney

Lotus root

Cripy fish skin

Date cake

The pick up location is in your hotel's lobby,your guide will hold a sign with your name writen on

The food tour take around 4-5 hours,it is available between 9 am to 5 pm,everyday

Once our guide meet you,you will either take a  taxi(please pay your own transportation) or use our car to take you to the local market,then after the tour,you will back to hotel on your own or use our car depending on your choice,we can take you to the main street if you back to your hotel on your own

The lunch is hold in the hutong family ,a house wife,all home made style from the house wife's expeirence,and hutong family is small,so we only can hold maxmum 8 people at one time.Hope you understand

The local and street food you are trying all clean and mainly for the local people,not the touristy place,so you are welcome to try them


Travelling Party  English Speaking Guide Only
(pay your own transportation)
1 Person $148
2 Persons $88
3 Persons $70
4-5 Persons $58
6-8 Persons $48
9-11 Persons $44
12-15 Persons $41
children Please contact us for detailed quotation

English speaking tour guide 
Transportation from your hotel to the hutong family upon your choice
Food taste during the tour
Chinese Lunch 

Location of the Hutong family: Li shi Hutong 43,Dongchengqu,Beijing 北京东城区礼士胡同43号
(Our guide or translator also can meet you at the subway station, or nearby places)

Meeting point
A:Subway      Dong Si station(south east exit)
B:Taxi         Chaonei nan xiao jie ,East end of the Lishi hutong

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Ms.Anna Centerman said:
Hello! We are a group that would like to have a food walk the 15:th of september. I live in china so please give me a call 18701643061
Anna Centerman
Administrator replaied:
Dear Anna Centerman Glad to hearing from you, we would like to offer the food tours to you, our food tour including the -dinning in the local family for traditional noodle meal,we already contact you Thank you Discover Beijing Tours
Etc/GMT-8 Jun.20,2015 11:10
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Ms.Jane Moon said:

We would like to take the half day food tour in the afternoon on Wed. July 1st.
We are three people and will stay at Ritan international hotel.
We want to take the transportation included.
We can be reached at 852 9226 1319 (HK mobile).
Administrator replaied:
Dear Jane Moon Glad to hearing from you and knowing you are interest of our food tour We do have the tour available for 1st of July ,we would love to explore the off the beaten path hutong allays and start the food adventure with you Would you please have a look at our food tour link,it have the detailed itinerary and price Private food tour start time is flexible ,please let us know what time suites you? Regards Discover Beijing Tours
Etc/GMT-8 Jun.20,2015 11:13
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Mr.Jane Moon said:
I just sent you an email for half day food tour.
Can we combine it with Hutong Rickshaw tour and Drum tower tour for the same day?
Administrator replaied:
Dear Jane Moon Thank you , we have replied you this morning, you can combine the Hutong rickshaw and Drum tower tour the same day as food tour, however they are at different locations, drum tower and rickshaws are at the tourists area, food tour at the local street, then this will make the tour last 6-8 hours ,if you think this works, then no problem to combine them together Regards Discover Beijing tours
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