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Meet Our Guides and Drivers


The Heart and Soul of Discover Beijing Tours--Our guides and drivers

Meet Our Guides

We have brought together the most passionate and informed group of regional experts and guides in the business. They're pros at making your vacation memorable and fun and sharing secrets with you that only insiders know.

Our tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable about where they are from and passionate about what they do. They are an integral part of our business; truly dedicated to ensuring all of our customers enjoy themselves and experience an unforgettable holiday. 

Qing Ye

This is my dream job.Over ten years of touring Beijing has allowed me to share the city's science, history and life with thousands of visitors.During the past thirteen years, besides working as a tour guide, I myself have travelled a lot within China. China is a very huge country with a very long history and many different lifestyles and customs ( there are 56 minorities races ). I believe from my own travelling experience I can give my guests an authentic portrait of the rich and very diversified Chinese culture as a whole.
It is my desire and goal to bring my guests in touch of the local people so that they can bring home the pictures of feelings and hospitality and the souvenirs of friendship and goodwill. It is also my passion to try to be a good China ambassador in tourism.

Over 13 years working experience as English speaking guide

Becky(Rui Jie Chen)          

I am a graduate of Harbin Univrsity of Sciene and Technology where i studied and earned my Bachelors Degree in English. While I was at university I passed the English Speaking Tour Guide Exam(Passing rate is around 26%) and received the tour guide license certified by Tourism Administration. i foud my way to Beijing in 2009,immediately I fell in love with the history and majesty of the city and decided this is where i want to spend the rest of my days.I loves being a tour guide for many reasons but mainly because
I can gets to meet interesting people and learn about new cultures.I love sharing my knowledge and the local life that China has to offer.For many, a guided trip into Beijing will be a once in lifetime experience.
Come on out and take a journey with us,we would like to invite you on the vocatio experience of a lifetime.
Over 6 years working experience as English speaking tour guide


Chris(Yue Men )          

"I want every one of my clients to come away feeling enriched, with a better understanding of the wonderful Chinese history and culture"

Chris obvious enjoyment of guiding is coupled with a great sense of fun. His eagerness to help visitors experience the very best that Beijing have to offer ensures he is committed to helping you make the most of your time here.
Chris is outgoing and chatty and enjoys tailoring the day to suit the individual interests of our visitors. He is also happy to cover everything from the high culture of museums and palaces, to film locations and shopping!

“I believe in treating my guests like family. From the grand parents to the parents to the children and grandchildren – no formalities – let’s make it unique, educational and above all, fun!”.

Over 8 years working experience as English speaking tour guide


Momo(Danhong Chen)                         


Momo was born and raised in northeast part of China.Travelling is her great passion in life. It has always been her dream to visit every country on this earth at least once.

After graduating from University( Beijing Technology and Business university) with a higher level Diploma in Tourism,Momo work as a tou guide for almost 8 years.Momo love to be active and enjoy laughter and good times with others.

Momo loves the social side of being a tour guide, getting to meet new people is one of the best parts of the job and she is still in contact with some customers she met over many years.
Momo loves travelling and learning about other cultures taking in the modern architecture and art.She loves nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and taking in the sights.

Over 7 years working experience as English speaking tour guide

Bella(Li Ting Tao)                         


I come from Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province,which lying in the northeast China.I love my hometown, that's why I choose to stay in my own province for university.
I graduate from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Reclamation University as English major in 2007.

I am interested in Chinese history,thats why i decide to spend the rest of my life in this charming city-Beijing.Working as an English speaking tour guide is the best way to share my knowledge with the history lovers from all over the world.
Meeting people from all over and sharing this passion for a moment is a real pleasure. 

Over 5 years working experience as English speaking tour guide

Sally(Shu Zheng  )          

Sally is well-travelled and a great organiser, so appreciates how valuable a visitor's time is and what makes a tour memorable. Her sense of fun and his eagerness to share her knowledge makes a guided tour with Sally an enjoyable experience.
Sally has built up an impressive following among those of our customers who have toured with her.

Sally has been guiding year round since 2008. She also working as a guide leader took Chinese tourists to New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Chile, Turkey, Mexico, US, Arizona, and Colorado etc.Sally's dream is to cover all the countries in the world.Linda likes to keep “in shape” and considers “round a shape”.

Over 8 years working experience as English speaking tour guide

Meet our Drivers

Check their   


Chen Wang(English speaking driver)

Like Qing said"This is my dream job". I was born and raised in Beijing and have a love for the area, my interest for tour guide driving started from a young age, my Father drove a bus for a travel agency and he use to take me with him around to many of the tourist areas.I love cars,my collection of hotwheel car models is over 3000.We can offer a range of vehicles that are clean and safe,with all drivers having many years of driving experience on Beijing's busy  roads and having knowledge of the areas.

Being out and about. I do enjoy the fact you get to meet a lot of people, but if I had to make a choice it would have to be being out in the fresh air, visiting lots of different places, seeing new things, that's what being a Driver-Guide is all about.

Over 15 years driving experience and  working for tourism for 8 years

Jie Cao (Chinese speaking driver)

Jie Cao is a young and fashion man was born and grown up in Beijing.I have a good sense of humor and like to find the fun in everything that I do. Family is very important to me and I use that same respect towards our customers.

When I'm not driving: I spend lots of time in Gym to built my muscle and exercise.When i have spare time i love to drink with friends ,traveling and watching Beijing Football team.

Mr Sun(Chinese speaking driver)

Mr Sun is the driver who joined the team two years ago. He used to be a professional taxi driver, but the tourism industry suits him perfectly.

He is a reliable, confident, courageous and hard working person. Sun has worked as a driver for various tour operators.
He is one of our main drivers and a great asset to Discover Beijing Tours.
With years of working with us, he learnt some English sentences,he knows the road condition and sites very well.
Mr sun have 3 children, he gets along with children very well, he is a fantastic driver for our specialized tours with parents and children

Qiang Tong(Chinese Speaking driver)

MR Tong was born and grown up in Beijing.His home is right next to the Forbidden City.Seen all the change of the city,he still love the old part of Beijing.He used to work as a sales man at the Car dealer.He loves cars a lot.He joined us since 2013.


I can get you where you need to go and if your not sure where to go, I can provide you with all the area hotspots and aim to make your stay an enjoyable one."

When I'm not driving: I love to watch and play football.Keep exercise and keep young is my goal







Mr Zhang(Chinese speaking driver)

Mr Zhang is the driver who joined the team two years ago. He was born and grown up in Beijing. Married to Mr Sun's oldest daughter,then joined the tourism industry.

He is a reliable, patient person offer careful style of driving. He always come with a big smile and happy attitude to life.

He is one of our main drivers and a great asset to Discover Beijing Tours.Because he is local, he knows the road condition and sites very well.

At home,he is a good father for a 4 years old son.And he love to watch Beijing football team ,when have spare time, he go play football with his own team. He said driving in Beijing is not easy with all these traffic, to be patient he have another hobby,rub his beads …


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