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Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces

Digging began in Yuan Dynasty, Longji Rice Terraces has gone through a great many of hardships for hundreds of years. Zhuang and Yao people live here for generations, build ridges to dig up terraces, ask mountains for food. From fast-flowing valleys to the peaks surrounded by clouds, from the edges of forests to the cliffs, the terraces are dug up in anyplace that can be reclaimed. In this way, through the centuries, the efforts of many generations have made Longji Rice Terraces become more and more perfect, formed the magnificent landscape that the terraces coil the mountain from the foot to the top. It is divided into the scenic views of Gold Pit Dazhai Yao Terraces and the scenic views of Ping’an Zhuang Terraces, with a dozen major attractions. With majestic momentum, flowing lines, changing verve and unique folk customs, Longji Rice Terraces are known all over the world, any other terraces are far behind. It is called “the top of the world” and "the world is a must". Turning left from Erlongqiao Parking is the way to the scenic views of Ping’an Zhuang Terraces, turning right is the way to the scenic views of Gold Pit Dazhai Yao Terraces. The highest elevation of Ping’an Zhuang Terraces is of 880 meters, the lowest elevation of it is 380 meters, and the vertical height difference is of 500 meters. The highest elevation of Gold Pit Terraces is 1180 meters, and the lowest elevation of it is 880 meters.

The layers of terraces look like the lamellar scales at a distance, and decorate the rolling and sheer Longji Mountain into a vivid and full-body flashing dragon. The color of Longji Rice Terraces is of distinct gradation, changes with a different romantic charm in four seasons, and makes people fascinated.

Standing on the highest of the terraces and looking away, you can feel the layers of terraces under your feet rising up like tidewater, flushing with the momentum of an avalanche. The criss-cross and majestic groups of terraces form a powerful and beautiful terraced world, present a kind of wild beauty, and make people shocking. Once a poet described the scenery of Gold Pit Dazhai Yao Terraces like this: “the momentum of Longji Rice Terraces is magnificent, thousands of layers twine around the peaks, like rainbows across the sky and brocades dropped from the heaven, when you look back to identify the road you just walked, what appear in front of your eyes are ladders up to the heaven.”
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